What happens with posting content to my account?

So that your account manager can boost your engagement and following, you’ll need to be active. Whilst we’ll boosting your engagement such as liking, commenting and following, you’ll need to ensure someone is posting daily and uploading stories.

How will my account manager work on my Instagram?

We’ll work on it like you are. We’ll spend time liking, commenting and following ideal accounts for your industry to boost your engagement and following.

Can I continue to use my Instagram?

Yes, you can continue to use your Instagram account in the normal way. It’s great to continue to post and add stories to your account so we can get the most out of our engagement.

What is hashtag research?

Hashtag research means searching for keywords or hashtags that are in your niche. It helps to find new and relevant Instagram accounts to follow and increase your engagement.

Does it matter what account type I have?

Yes! We can help grow your Instagram for whatever account you have. We’ve helped personal accounts, influencer accounts and business accounts all increase their engagement.

Is this service safe?

Yes. We use real people to grow your Instagram account; no bots or fake followers. We grow your account organically. If you have used automated liking and following software in the past, please ensure your account is now fully disconnected from these.

How many followers will my Instagram account gain?

This will vary among accounts and depends on how active your Instagram account is. The content that you post will play a huge part and it will also depend on the plan you choose.

How can I be sure your growth strategy will work?

For our growth strategy to work, you must be putting out great, fresh content. If we do lots of engagement but your account isn’t being active, then people won’t be interested in your page. Content is key.

Can I like and follow Instagram accounts too?

Whilst we are doing the engagement for you, we suggest you stop liking and following accounts. Instagram’s algorithm only allows a certain number of follows and likes per hour.

Will YoSquare work for my industry?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what account you have or the industry you are in, our process is the same. As long as there are people on Instagram that are interested in your account or brand, it’ll work.

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