How YoSquare works

This post guides you through how YoSquare works and how we help Instagrammers grow their profiles ethically and organically.

An introduction to how YoSquare works

When you sign up to YoSquare, you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager that will help to grow your Instagram ethically and organically. Your account manager will do this through targeted engagement, which includes following relevant profiles and liking significant posts of users that would also love your content.

We want to make it easy for you and let you focus on the important things like creating amazing content for your Instagram. We find and engage with your target audience organically, meaning genuine likes and follows.

#1 – Signing up to YoSquare

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up to one of our plans. We offer three different plans, depending on what your end goal is. You’ll get an account manager (for the Standard and Professional plans) who will grow your Instagram and be there on hand to answer any questions you might have.

#2 – Give information about your Instagram

Once you’ve signed up to a plan, you’ll be required to input your Instagram login details. This allows us to access your account and start the growth. You’ll also be asked some questions about your account and what profiles and hashtags you’re interested in liking and following. This information is important for your account growth, so try and be as accurate and decisive as you can. Once your account manager has logged into your account, they’ll be able to start work on it right away.

#3 – Building your audience and reach

Your account manager will spend time on your account gaining new followers, which in turn increases your overall engagement. They can identify new hashtags that work for your industry and over time, this will bring your new users. The longer you work with your account manager, you’ll see a better growth rate and a larger increase in your followers.

Our account managers will only spend time engaging with real accounts on Instagram. Our main methods of engaging with new users are by liking posts and viewing their Instagram stories. These techniques work really well and it means that your account manager does not impact your brand voice.

Choose YoSquare

Our excellent team see large numbers of new followers on our managed accounts every month. In general, the followers that are being picked up are real and targeted (they relate to your industry), which is why this service exists. We can’t promise we’ll get your hundreds of thousands of followers immediately.

What we do promise is that the engagement is with organic, real and targeted followers. The followers we gain for you should enjoy what you post and what your brand offers, and we want to help make that happen for you.

Get started by selecting the price plan you’d like – we’ll then get everything set up for you.